This Thanksgiving I am really focusing on being thankful. if you are reading this post post what you are thankful for.  i am thankful for

  • my family
  • my dog Lucy
  • food on my table
  • clothes on my body
  • water in my frige
  • money in the bank

……. and all the people who comment here on Ronnie 101. i love all of you and i hope you have a happy thanksgiving!


Tomorrow is my birthday!  Yesterday was my birthday party. We went on my boat. I love my boat. We went to Tarpaulin Cove on the private island of Naushon. We had a really fun time there. There is an old light house at the top of the island and you can walk up to it, it is really pretty. There are wild cows on the island. We didn’t see them this time but we do see them sometimes when we go there. After we left we went to Marthas Vinyard and had dinner at the Lookout Tavern in Oak Bluffs. They have really good food there. After we finished dinner we went on the Flying Horses carousel. It is a special carousel were you catch rings and if you catch the last one you win a free ride! Then we drove home on the boat and came back to open the presents and have cake! One of my presents was my very own laptop! I was so exited I almost died the cake was great all in all I had a really fun bithday.

Me and my sisters at Tarpaulin Cove

summer rocks

Summer has been awesome so far. I have been out on my boat a lot. I’ve been swimming in the pool and  taking sailing. Tell me about your summmer 

Riding on our Boat, Vineyard Sound

Great Year

Today was my last day of 4th grade. I had the best year ever my teacher was awesome and I loved my class. I learned so much this year like volume and multiplying fractions. I don’t think you could ever have a year as great as mine, but if you have had or are having a great year I would love to here about it so please comment below.

hello science fair

today i’m going over my friends house. we are going to work on our science fair project. i know i know it’s crazy the science fair is not until april but we would like to get an early start on our project. what is it you ask well that is a suprize. meaning i’ll tell you tomorrow.

haiku about snakes


slithers though the dark

sounds you can not see but can hear

say ” good night”  to all




Taylor Swift consert

Last night I went to a Taylor Swfit consert. It was amazing! I herd all of my favorite songs-fearless, 15, love story and guess what her first song was-you belong to me, my favorite song. How awesome is that! I had a really great time! she had more of a Texas acsent in person. Oh, I forgot it was at Geleit Stadium in Foxboro. It was the last night of the fearless tour. It was awesome.

My Day With the Bruins

Happy New Year! Today the Boston Bruins are playing the Philadelphia Flyers in the Winter Classic. It is a hockey game played outside at Fenway Park where the Red Sox play in the summer. Yesterday, my Dad and I went to Fenway Park to watch the Bruins practice. The players were very nice and we took lots of pictures. Some of the players signed my boots and a hat for my brother.